Get out from Crowd!

Life at the beach has never being boaring.

Escape the crowd

Tanzania has many to offer, on the side of islands there is enough to narate.Apart from Zanzibar About 50km northeast here is another second largest landmass, beautiful island with a lot of activities and cool beaches. Pemba has forever been Zanzibar’s most green and fertile isle, and most of the cloves for which Zanzibar is famous are grown here. Most visitors to Zanzibar never make it to Pemba, however, and the island remains far quieter than its big brother Unguja. Accommodation options are also far more limited, but by no means run-of-the-mill. Most fall somewhere between the mid-range and ultra-luxurious, including some of the most spectacular beach resorts Zanzibar has to offer.

See Zanzibar’s endemic species: Ngezi Forest Reserve, on Pemba’s north-western tip, is perhaps the best place in the archipelago to see Zanzibar’s indigenous wildlife. A beautiful, unspoilt expanse of forest in its own right, it also hosts the Pemba flying fox (an enormous, but completely harmless fruit bat), various species of monkey and miniature antelope, and Zanzibar’s three endemic bird species, the Pemba scops owl, Pemba white-eye and Pemba violet-breasted sunbird.
Low visitor numbers: Pemba is ideal if you’re looking to escape the crowds. Beaches are quieter, snorkelling reefs barely visited and on the whole the island exudes exclusivity, while still retaining enough accommodation options to suit most budgets.

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