What you realy need to experience?


There are animals which can not easly spotted during the day game drive, because they are noctunal. They are capable to make their living during the night since their eyes contain tapetum-lucidium, so our lights too. Load into open-sided Toyota Land Cruiser with warm blankets and head out in the dark enjoying the naked galaxy is crusial amazing. The experience of a game drive at night is very different from one during the day and you may see striped hyena on the prowl or lions and other predators on hunt. Your Maasai guide will be in his front tracker’s chair mounted on the vehicle with his floodlight. This adventure is counted as to be one of the excelent not to miss.


Long game drive can sometime let you want get out of the seat and enjoy the fresh wild air, yeah! it is through Walking safari in the bush, that can quench that thirst. Walking in the bush surrounded by all the sights, sounds and smells of Africa is completely different and more personal experience than a drive in a Safari vehicle.You will taste the true life that mother nature offers by stepping on it. African animals are truely humbled when you obey the wildlife regulation, it is just you pass here and they eat there. Start a fire with stick as what done by the ancient peolpe before middle stone ages will impart you great experience from Africa.


The Maasai are among the best known of African tribes due to their adherence of distinctive customs and dress, a semi-nomadic people who live along the Great Rift Valley. Their continued preservation of their traditional ways of life, and their distinctive traditional clothing (Red Maasai Cloaks) will make you have many questions to ask. The Maasai bomas which are made of sticks, mud, and cow manure found in the Northern Tanzanian Safari circuit are geared entirely towards visiting tourists. Your almost half or an hour at the bomas will be accompaned with brief maasai dancing ceremony, while there also you can make a local shoping related to the maasai handicrafts.

Where are found?

To mention but few, Nearly most in or out of many Tanzania National Parks.


Hot Bush Meals (Bush breakfast, Bush BBQ lunch / BBQ dinner) – These options are best presented as a Surprise. After an exciting day of game runs in the African wilderness, suddenly the drive breaks into a dream restaurant in the middle of the bush, unbelievably real, with table cloth, porcelain, glassware, silver cutlery, waiters and all other trappings of a classic restaurant. Bush dining under the stars around a crackling log fire in the Serengeti for example, is a especially unforgettable experience.