Indian Ocean lies on this side

A Vacation in Zanzibar

Any visit to the island would be incomplete without a bit of history, so we begin with a tour of the Aerial Stone, with its Arab ornamental houses, labyrinthine streets and numerous bazaars. In the afternoon, take a tour of Spice, enjoying the countryside and the aromatic scents of the island.After our work day in Stone Town, we take a short trip north to Nungwi, where you stay for five nights. Most of my time enjoying this beautiful residence, once a fishing village but now with many guesthouses, bars and restaurants. Fresh water and beautiful beaches are what you can expect, sunbathing, soothing, or participating in a great selection of water sports at your convenience. Is it What about knitting, diving, knitting, hauling, fishing or sailing?
The keys to the trip
A visit to the Stone City, unveiling its rich history through its architecture and its modern beauty through its many boroughs.Spice Tour, visiting a field in rural Zanzibar, enjoying the aromas of myrrh and cinnamon, cloves and peppers. Accompanied by an experienced guide.Beaches and beautiful beaches - white sand, paradise for a comfortable resting place, sunbathing or reading a book.World-class water sports, in Indian Ocean waters.


Day 1:

From: JRO To: Stone Town
Accommodation: Kholle House
Meal: Half Board

Day 2:

From: Stone Town To: Nungwi
Accommodation: Sultan Sands Island Resort
Meal: Full Board

Day 3-6:

From / To: Nungwi
Accommodation: Sultan Sands Island Resort
Meal: Full Board

Day 7:

From: Nungwi To: Airport


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